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IT Department : Web Development Internship

web developer internship

Our programmers in web development working in New Romney, including web design and web marketing are constantly developing web based applications for the company intranet as well as for online use.

By creating modern websites thanks to our internship program, you will acquire practical skills in different programming languages and develop your web development skills as a trainee.

In our internship program offered in the UK, we put the emphasis on project organisation throughout our web development department, therefore you will join one of our web project teams right from the start and will be given your own task to work on as a web developer.

Moreover, as a trainee you will deal with frequent websites improvements of running systems which will enhance your skills in problem solving, time management and give you new input to improve your own new module in efficiency, fault tolerance and security.

web developer internshipDeveloping web platforms for online communication systems will turn you into a flexible specialist in web development and web marketing. As a logical thinker who can recognize structures fast and implement the most common algorithms efficiently, you will be perfectly suitable and ready for the competition on the job market afterwards.

We require working knowledge in web development, web design, e-commerce and scripting languages such as PHP and ASP. In addition to that, you should be very familiar with database design and SQL. Furthermore we appreciate knowledge in ASP and JavaScript.

In internship UK, being a team player is absolutely essential for our IT department, in addition to this we require excellent communication skills and a positive mental attitude when dealing with your team members, project leaders and managers.

Apply now for an internship in Web Developer in one of our office in New Romney

For more informations regarding our internship program, feel free to contact us