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IT Department: Web Design Internship

Web Design Jobs & IT Jobs

In our Web Design internship, our interns create new modern websites, improve and maintain over 150 websites for our UK and international partners.

Web Design Jobs & IT Jobs During your web design internship your main tasks are to improve your IT practical skills by expressing your creativity in design and using your own ideas to develop websites with a great visual impact.

Your first task in IT department as Web Designer is to maintain our UK and international partner websites to gain the IT knowledge required for efficient administration, structuring and improvement of Web Design.

Furthermore, as an IT intern, you have the great opportunity to learn IT management skills and to help our highly motivated international IT team to achieve the company's goal by working together efficiently.

Feel free to use your own ideas concerning:

- The usage of appropriate colors for Web Design
- Web Design graphics
- Web Design layout to make our web sites look professional and the content informative

What is our UK company expecting from IT interns:

- The developements of navigation elements
- An efficient placement of metatags and links to make our web sites page user friendly and easily retrievable for search engines.

During your Web Design internship, you will be assigned your own specific project on a website for you to apply your creativity and inventive IT talents to create the best solution for our UK and international partners. Therefore we require our interns to have a thorough IT knowledge of HTML, CSS, W3C and Javascript. In addition to this IT knowledge you should have web design experience in using pictures editing software such as GIMP and be familiar with FIP or SSH.

By supporting our IT team with flexibility, a positive mental attitude and new web design ideas, you will help our UK company meet its goals. You will enjoy the work and tasks implented to interns and feel the sensation of your IT ideas being put on-line.

Apply now for an internship in Web Design in one of our office in New Romney.

For more information regarding our internship program, feel free to contact us.