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EU Testimonials

Because Internship UK is an equal opportunity employer, many of our interns are from the UK and all over the rest of the world. These students come from all over the UK and the EU in such countries as France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and more! Read what they had to say about their unique internship experiences in the following departments:

Customer Relationship Management
Event Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology
Media Communications & Media Arts
Property Management

* Please note that Ltd. has recently started trading under Ltd. Therefore any internship referring to Studios92 can be used interchangeably with Gift-Tours.

Customer Relationship Management Internships

A Multi-national Atmosphere, Where the Experience was Priceless!!

I found myself asking what I could do with my Summer that would be both enjoyable and academically rewarding. Many universities in France, Germany and Holland require an internship, and although it is not required in England, it is very much a regular occurrence for young individuals. I decided therefore that a work placement would be an excellent opportunity, and when Internship UK accepted me, I jumped at the chance.

I took this internship for 3 reasons. Firstly as a way to expand my skills in both a nurturing and professional environment. Secondly, for the interaction with foreign students in both a personal and professional atmosphere, and thirdly to test the waters' and see if I liked the challenges of the work.

Nowadays, an internship is essential to climbing to the top of your career ladder. notes how 'employers are coming to expect to see them listed on the resumes of potential employees,' so, the placement for me was not a required option to pass my degree, instead it was a personal choice to work in a professional environment with the hope that it would further my career prospects.

I spent many months researching which career path I wanted to take, and from part-time work in the sales environment within both Orange and T Mobile, I thought that a professional CRM (customer relationship management) career would be an ideal choice. However, I was worried that my background degree in International Relations would negate applications against those from a business based degree. I was also unsure about whether CRM was suited to my needs.

I was pleased that from the minute I entered the role I was given individual targets and I received both the professional and personal support that I needed. The staff made the transition easy, and although I was thrown in at the deep end, they were always willing to offer aid and answer my questions. It seemed that help was always at hand within Internship UK.

There were over 10 different nationalities in the office, and I can now say with confidence, that I can effectively work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. In the competitive multi-national environment the overall experience was priceless. Furthermore, I have made long-term friends from over 10 nationalities.

The placement was unlike several others, as I wasn't lost in a large corporate system. With my placement, I was regularly in contact with the leaders, which helped me to learn and gain invaluable experience. I spent time with them over dinner meetings and company events. For me, Internship UK was the opportunity I required, as I was quickly offered one-on-one management training, and given vital tools that I could carry in my next job. I know that had I chosen to work within a large firm, these opportunities would have been hard to find.

This internship has narrowed down my career options quite considerably. I was previously uncertain about my career paths, but I have found a new passion in working with people from different backgrounds. Work was always interesting, and challenging, but equally rewarding, and I know that I want to work for a global firm in the future. I fully believe that practical learning is the best option for gaining the relevant skills. I would therefore strongly recommend to all students to try a work placement for expanding both your personal and professional skills. The ability to excel is down to your personal drive and not on a measured scale. If you have a positive mentality to deal with new challenges on a daily basis, coupled with a goal to succeed in a team environment, then an internship is for you.

Department: Customer Relationship Management
University of Leeds
Leeds - LS2 9JT


Customer Relationship Management Internship

Sales Jobs The three months of internship that I spent in New Romney at Ltd. were one of the most interesting and useful months in my life.
Before arriving here I did not have lots of expectations. As every student I expected to meet new people, explore new cultures, have fun, improve my English. But my experience really exceeded my expectations as I learnt lots of new things and met many interesting people from different countries.
I remember the first day when I arrived. I was a bit stressed as I did not know what I had to expect. But everybody was really friendly, they showed me the house, the office, organised the welcome party and soon I started feeling like at home. I felt like living in a family with people who are always ready to help you. We spent lots of time together in parties, barbecues, trips to various towns and simply talking and enjoying the time.

From the job perspective, I learnt lots of new and useful things. I was working in CRM department all the time and I was never bored with it. Of course, in the beginning it was not easy. I did not know lots of things: how to do, what to do. But there were always people whom I could ask and they were always ready to help me and give advice. I did lots of things from dealing with clients on phone to looking for new partners. I was making reservations on phone, writing emails, creating and designing promotions and dealing with clients in order to create long term relationships and fulfil their needs.

I was also working with our partners to create loyalty, long term satisfaction and keep strong business relations. What I really liked was that we were given lots of responsibilities, we were allowed to take important decisions and always move forward. As a result, I always felt motivated, satisfied and confident. Moreover, as I was interested in marketing, I was also working with marketing people and created web page about internship in my language, did guerilla marketing , designed promotions and did lots of other interesting marketing things. In addition to this, I got trainings on effective and successful communication, management, selling. We always worked in a team and had opportunities to share our experience, knowledge, learn from each other, teach each other and use our strengths to achieve the best performance.

I had a wonderful personal and work related experience and I will never regret that I made the decision to take internship at Ltd. It was a great challenge , wonderful time and a very fulfilling way to spend my summer holidays. I will treasure the memories which we spent together forever.

Department: Customer Relationship Management
Vilnius University
3 Universiteto St
LT-01513 Vilnius


"My Internship is a really great experience!"

My name is Marta. I have just graduated from the Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. My university gave me great opportunity to take part in Leonardo da Vinci program for graduates. Because I have always wanted to gain experience working in a company abroad, soon I found myself filling in the application form on which was recommended to me by my colleague who had already taken an internship at Studios92 and gave it enthusiastic reviews. Then I went through two interviews successfully and finally, full of optimism left to New Romney.

I’ve been here for three weeks now and have 6 more months to go. I have to say that even though I was very positive about taking part in this internship before I arrived, the stay here has overcome my expectations, both on a professional and personal level.

I found myself working with a team of great, young, intelligent people from all over the world who are a great source of inspiration and knowledge. It makes me want to learn more every day. My internship program includes working in Customer Relationship Management and Marketing departments. Currently I focus on CRM and my duties include contacting partners and clients, using data base to find the best solutions for clients and finalizing sales. After three weeks I already reckon improvement in my communication skills and higher self-confidence during conversations with partners and clients.

Our after-work life is as busy as in the office. Each day is different and our event planner surprises me all the time with new ideas of excursions, thematic parties, games and movie nights, sports events and many other activities. I also really like the idea living together with other interns, because I was always passionate about getting to know people from different cultural backgrounds. I can definitely say that I am having one of the best times of my life.

My internship at Gift-Tours is a really great experience, I encourage you to apply to Internship-UK!

Marta CYBA
Department: Customer Relationship Management
Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice
ul. 1 MAJA 50
40-287 Katowice

Event Management Internships

Event Management Internship

Hotel Management TestimoniesHello, my name is Naly and I am from Germany.

Now I'm in England to do an internship for 3 months. I've already been here for one month and the time passed so fast. We are a really good team and the special thing is that we come from all over the world. The work and social atmosphere is very good. I am in two seperate departments which are Hotel Management and Event Management.

In Hotel Management I am responsible for many different aspects of the business. I welcome customers upon arrival and check out and ensure their stay is enjoyable. I am in charge of money transactions as well as bookings. I also manage the maintenance for the hotel daily as well as the food deliveries for guests and employees.

My task as an Event Manager is to plan different events for various occasions. For example if a new intern arrives, I plan a welcoming party. I also organize city trips in England and this month our interns will fly to Barcelona for two days. That will be very funny! The event calender is always full of events like cinema days, club nights, movie nights, cooking events, paint ball, sports competitions, pub nights etc.

No boredom will arise, I assure you of that. The objective of these events is to keep our company morale high. Nobody wants to work somewhere they do not enjoy. Therefore events keep our staff working hard but also having fun at the same time.

I only have two months left at Internship-UK but I know that it will pass very quickly. I already know that I will miss all the people and staff that I have met in England.

Naly Soukhaseum
Departments: Event Management & Hotel Management

Human Resource Management Internships

Building My CV with Internship UK

HR JobsI am a current graduate of the Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA(hons) in English. After my degree, I was only relying on my part-time job, which had nothing to do with the career that I wanted to pursue. I was applying for jobs even before I graduated but unfortunately I was not receiving any positive replies from the work posts simply because of my lack of experience. I therefore decided to do an internship to help me to boost my curriculum vitae and at the same time I was willing to move away from home and to get a gist of life which would also help me to build my own individuality as well as a career path.

Fortunately within my numerous searches I came across Internship-UK. I decided to go with the placement offered because the website itself made me feel invited and the idea of working with people from different countries really intrigued me. I am currently doing an internship in Human Resource.

The reason why I chose this field is because it was the closest one to my degree and I always wanted to do my masters in communication and also to have a career that deal a lot with people. HR is also a very challenging post which keeps me going all the time. During my work placement in HR, I have been working on various skills such as recruitment, interviews, managing current staffs, mentoring new interns etc.

For me, working with Studios92 has been the best choice that I could have gone for because it gives me the opportunity to use my own initiatives as from day one. I felt very welcomed to bring in ideas and to form part of a team from the beginning itself.

I would definitely say that the social as well as the working experience has proven to be extremely fruitful in many ways and the fact that we are always working together and to bring a more modern and positive thinking in our daily life.

Internship-UK has been the perfect move in my life simply because I have gained a lot more than what I personally expected. I will absolutely encourage and invite people to join our internship crew.

Vidushi Latchayya
Department: Human Resource Management
Manchester Metropolitan University
Oxford Road, Manchester, England
United Kingdom


Working in the Human Resources Department

HR JobsWhile I was about to finish university, my biggest fear was: what am I going to do now? I was quite sure to have a complete theoretical knowledge concerning my field (social psychology), but practically I could not do anything! Fortunately by chance, I found the Internship-UK website and I found an excellent starting point to gather some work experience. Thus, I decided to apply for a one-year internship, in order to learn as much as I could.

It is amazing how fast I have been learning here, in Ltd! I am a member of the Human Resource department and it took only few days to be fully integrated. Since the first day, my manager did not hesitate to give me responsibilities. This has been helping me to grow both professionally and personally. Due to the several applications we receive every day and the high number of interns that compose our team, the Human Resource department is always full of work. This means that it is absolutely impossible to get bored!

Moreover, the members of our team are all kind and friendly people with a contagious Positive Mental Attitude. PMA makes the work hours just run quickly thanks to the jokes and the laughs always present among the interns. In this kind of environment, I realized how much I can learn from my colleagues even if we are all diverse in age, culture, and work experience. The team work is particularly encouraged therefore interns all share a common objective. In this environment it is essential to rely on each other to move forward together.

To sum it up, I can definitely state that I have learned more here, working in the Ltd. company, than in the 5 years of university. The knowledge that I have acquired is practical, rather than theoretical. This fact is the internship is helping me fill the gap between the university and the work market; a gap which is not easy to fill in. I feel that the experience I am having will definitely be helpful for my future career in the Human Resources department. After the few months that I have worked here, I am sure the decision to come was absolutely right.

Giulia Ricci
Department: Human Resource Management
Vrije Universiteit
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Home Country: Italy

Information Technology Internships

Internship UK from a Coordinator's Perspective

IT Internship TestimoniesHi!, I am Nadia and I am in charge of International Relations in the Computing Department of the IUT ‘A’ Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France.

I supervise about 30 placements abroad for my Computing students every year. This year, I have worked for the first time with Studios92 and I have to say that my student, Thibault, was really delighted about his first work experience here. He has learnt a lot both on a computing and a human level. I visited him in last June in New Romney and had the pleasure to meet with all the team, visit the office and also the intern accommodation which is just perfect!

I am looking forward to working with Studios92 again next year and I recommend every computing student to do a placement in this company!

Departement Informatique

Marketing Internships

My Internship in Marketing

My name is Pawel and I am a graduate student of Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice specialised in Marketing on national and foreign markets. After my studies I have decided to take part in international internship programme Leonardo Da Vinci programme. For the place of my internship I have selected Internship-UK which I have found on the Internet. I took my internship in Marketing department.

My practice in Internship-UK enable me to get experience and skills in marketing. I was very pleased with the internship because I had a lot to do and many responsibilities and I wasn't sitting there and doing nothing. Working in an international environment allowed me to know other cultures and many interesting people.

It was really interesting experience to live with other interns from Internship-UK. It allowed us to spend a lot time together and create great working environment.

On the days off there was also no time to get bored. With other students I had an opportunity to visit London and see London Eye, Big Ben,Tower of London and Tower bridge and also visit such places like Dover, Folkstone, Manchester, Liverpool , Brighton and many more. Beside tours other events was organised e.g. Clubbing or cinema.

I would like to recommend Internship-UK to for everybody who is looking for an interesting internship in the UK. Both working and people experience gained in Internship -UK are really amazing.

Pawel Pawlak
Department: Marketing
Karol adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice
ul. 1 MAJA 50

Media Communications & Media Arts Internships

Media Internship

Media IntershipHi! I'm Elina and I am a student. I follow a course in the second year of Movie Master and Broadcasting / realization and Creation at the University of Helsinki. I had to do an Internship during the summer to have a work experience and I chose to do it abroad, in the UK. What I prefer in my audiovisual internship in London are the several media tasks that I have to do : Video editing, creation of clip video, report video, sound system / music, shooting of film, special effects, realization of web site, photography, graphics, design etc. so many possibilities! I am implied since the creation, the conception of the project until the finalization of the media project.

For every media or photographic project, we associated our ideas during group meetings or brainstormings, this is so useful because each one makes its contribution for every project that we are lucky to be part during our internship in London. Working in a team with the other trainees was the most difficult task given that I needed all my colleagues who were more or less busy in the sales department, the marketing department and the IT department. My colleagues of the Marketing service brought very interesting ideas for the conception of media projects for the company during my internship in London and I thank them for this.

During my audiovisual internship in London in the company Studios92 located in the center of London, I had the opportunity to do photography. As a trainee I was responsible for all the media projects concerning the several Web sites of the company; I had to take pictures for the realization of web sites for the company of London. The company possesses a multitude of web sites with different domains, consequently the projects are interesting and the ideas are new.

Concerning the broadcasting during the internship, I learned how to adapt myself to the organization of the company and to impose my ideas, my conception of the several media projects and to lead my team to realize short films or interesting films. The production of video during the internship contained the planning of the media project, the writing of the scenario, the video shooting and all the computing work on computer to shape everything and finalize the media project.

My audiovisual internship in the company Studios92 in London was very beneficial and gratifying because I was able to put into practice my knowledge, my creativity and my ideas. The idea of the challenge during my internship in London pleased me a lot because I was free to set up the conception of the projects within the company. Thanks to this internship I really had the luck to realize my projects in my way and to learn with the practice. I really liked my work experience in London in the company Ltd because I learned to be flexible and to work in a team. My internship in this company in London will be very useful for my coming work as an assistant of films production.

Elina Hasari
Department: Media Communications & Media Arts
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
Pääskysentie 1
PL 9, 48401, Kotka

Property Management Internships

"Internship UK Was a Powerful & Enriching Experience Abroad"

Hotel Management TestimoniesHello everybody! I am Ehsan and I am currently studying Property/Facility Management, Engineering of Services, Real Estate Properties and General Services.

This work placement in London was an amazing experience. Managing the London office was my main task during my work placement. I had to manage all of the departments in the London office including Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, and Human Resources. I had real responsibilities and I used my knowledge in Facility Management to work with trainees from different countries. During my work placement at Studios92 in London, to steer a multicultural team was really interesting because it enabled me to use my communication skills. Nowadays it is necessary to pay attention to the cultural differences of the students, above all in a multi-ethnic town like London.

I also took part in the recruitment and training of new trainees coming to London. These aspects of the job had to be done perfectly because we had lots of security rules in the London office and I was responsible for the students' security. The main things that I was dealing with during my work placement were trainees' security and hygiene. Students had lots of rules to obey in the London office in order to work in a safe environment. I had to make sure that everybody knew and understood those rules that is why I trained the new interns. During this work placement in London I had to be available all the time for the trainees, to welcome them and to answer their questions.

Aside from Office Management, I was in charge of Facility Management. I learned a lot about Facility Management and the maintenance flat-shares in London. Because the field of Facility Management is so large, my tasks varied from Real Estate Management, to Office Management, to health and safety protocols. Furthermore during my summer work placement as a Facility Management Trainee I was in charge of the customers' needs and security. So I created a guide book with security instructions for the trainees and the customers in London.

This work-placement in London was a great experience for me because I gained more skill and knowledge to continue my studies in Property/Facility Management. Internship UK was a powerful and enriching experience abroad.

Department: Office Management & Property Management
Hanze University Groningen
International Student Office
Postbus 3037
9701 DA Groningen
The Netherlands