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Live, Work and Play in the UK!

Jobs Internship UK Testimonials Three weeks ago, I packed my bags and jumped on a plane heading three thousand, five hundred and forty eight miles away from Philadelphia to a far away land called England; Far, far away from my family, friends and the comforts of home. It may seem difficult to uproot your life to the UK, but the transition into Internship-UK was an easy one.

Who says work has to be boring? People think that internships are a hard day at work with the same old boring tasks, but they are wrong! Internship-UK is a company composed of a productive work environment but also a fantastic social atmosphere. As an International Business and Economics student, I have already learned a great deal of knowledge about my concentrations. Currently I am interning in the marketing department at our company. Already, I have learned a great deal about different types of people, and how certain key words and strategies can motivate them to buy certain products and ideas. Some of my tasks include creating and apply a marketing strategy, and networking with different companies and universities from all over the world. I have also taken some extra responsibilities of managing a team of interns to create a flowing work atmosphere.

Not only do I learn new skills and enhance my knowledge of international business, I have the experience of meeting students from all over the world. Because of the Positive Mental Attitude mentality that we have at our company, it allows interns and managers alike to have fun together both at work and at home. Our staff is always finding fun activities to do together. Just in the few weeks that I have been here, we've had numerous social gatherings that have brought us closer together including barbeques, club nights, and city trips. Never having been to the UK before, my co-workers and I have traveled to famous attractions such as the London Bridge, Canterbury Cathedral, the Dover White Cliffs, and even Barcelona, Spain. These once in a life time experiences were shared with the people that I live and work with which makes the internship more memorable than any other work experience. Already, I have made a home away from home, and friends that are as close as family.

Going abroad to England is definitely a truly fantastic opportunity that should be taken advantage of to the fullest. The experience to intern at Internship-UK was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. I know that this internship will open bigger and better doors of opportunities in the future. This is the start of my career in the business world, and I feel that I can do anything if I apply myself to it. So why not Live, Work, and Play in the UK.

Jennifer Young
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
United States of America
Tel: (+1) 215 895 2000

International work experience for South African graduate

Jobs Internship UK TestimonialsAs a graduate coming from South Africa and lacking the practical experience in my field of studies, going to the UK in order to gain international experience as well as adapting to new cultures has been one of the wisest choices I could have made.

My first few months in the UK involved random work in the sales industry, which offered me a form of financial security. It became evident however, that my desire for security did not end there. What I needed was a challenge, being entrusted with responsibility as well as the opportunity to develop skills that cannot be taught in any university.

This was why I considered doing voluntary work and applied to partake in the voluntary work programme offered by Studios This is programme that every South African who already has a holiday making visa can apply for .

Internship-UK has enabled me to travel internationally whilst learning the most crucial skills needed to operate successfully in the business world. I would recommend this programme to any student or graduate who is currently considering travel to the UK or wanting to do volunteer work in their field of studies.,is where my life had really begun in terms of experience in a pressured work environment which encourages you to be pro-active.

Even though my work here as an HR consultant is unpaid, I could not possibly trade this experience for anything. I've made friends from all over the world, namely USA, Poland and Holland just to mention a few. This experience I've obtained through working and living with an international team throughout the full duration of my voluntary work programme.
When I go back to South Africa I will be able to succeed in my career objectives thanks to

Avril Jack
University of Cape Town
Cape Town, South-Africa

Jobs Internship UK Testimonials  Avrils' Facebook

An Experience of a Lifetime

Jobs Internship UK TestimonialsLeaving the States was a real adventure for me. Leaving my friends and family back home was hard, but knowing that I was moving forward with my future helped me cope with the experience. For me, leaving in a place where I thought I would always stay and coming to a whole new continent was quite daunting. However, once I arrived, I was welcomed with open arms by genuinely nice people who made things that much easier for me to adjust to.
This has been the most fun I have ever had working and learning. Immersing myself in a new place with people from all over the world has taught me how to communicate on a whole knew level. The people here have become my family while being away from home. We all bring a different point of view and it has taught me acceptance and appreciation.
The office here is in a beautiful part of the country with so much to do around us. I have learned much in my stay here, much of which I will take with me for my future. My communication skills as well as my technical skills have improved greatly. I feel more confident in my work ability as well as interacting in a team. The company requires a positive work and social experience that looks for complete and total success of any goals that we hope to accomplish. When I am not working I can visit any of the local towns or cities nearby. We also have fun in the local area here having BBQs, parties, and movie nights to socialize. We are never bored with our surroundings, always coming up with new ideas to have fun and interact with each other. I have made lifelong friends while being in Kent and I have made memories that will be with me for a lifetime.

Ashten Fields
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, Louisiana 70471
United States of America

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