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Sales Testimonies

customer relationship internship«My training period at Studios92 in London was my most beautiful work experience.
I am currently studying a Master of Trilingual International Management, I had to do a training period in a company abroad to validate my year. This training period being an integral part of my program, I decided to go to the United Kingdom during the summer to practise my English abroad and more particularly in London to have a work experience within a british compagny.

Having completed the on-line application, I was contacted by the person in charge of the Human Resources department and I had my first interview successfully. Having a work experience in the sales department of Ltd was very instructive, it brought me the communication skills that I needed and I was able to put into practice my theoretical notions with other trainees in London.

To give you a best idea of a typical day of a training period at Ltd in London, I am going to describe you the best possible the various missions and tasks of the trainees in the Sales department. First, the customers have the possibility to book a hotel, a hostel, a guesthouse or to rent an apartment, a studio and a flat-share in London. The booking can, indeed, be made by telephone, directly on-line on the web site of Studios92, by e-mail or by fax. Our responsibility is to find the best suitable accommodation which will satisfy the needs of the customer. We call our partners by looking in the computer system of the company and when the availability and the prices are checked we have to close the sale where both parts will be winning: that is to say Studios92 and the customer, we call it a "win-win situation".

When we do a booking for one of our partners, we have to proceed to the payment of the commission planned for the returned service. Once this stage made, we send a confirmation e-mail to the customer where he will find all the information that he needs for his stay in the hotel. During every contacting, we use sales techniques to do prospecting and negotiation, it is the opportunity to satisfy the customers and to get more customers day after day. To conclude, I would say that this training period in London was the ideal training job, finally I feel ready to enter the job market in the sector of international trade. Thanks to my diploma and this professional experience on my CV, I am convinced to be able to find the job of my dreams. »

Université Paris 12 - Val de Marne
94000 Créteil

To work as an intern in Customer Relationship Management

customer relationship internship« Hello everybody! I am Nicolas and I am going to explain you how the second step takes place when we make a booking for one of our flat-shares in London by means of Studios92. This second stage of the sales is divided in two parts:

First, once the telephone order made, we send a confirmation email to the customer to allow him to have an official proof of the booking with a reservation number and the deposit which he will have to pay for the flat-share. This confirmation email is followed by three other emails informing the customer of the various payment methods during his stay, but also of the way to go to our offices to do the "check-in" and finally the fourth email will be sent to the customer 7 days before his arrival to tell him that everything is ready for him to stay in the flat-share in London.

Second is the arrival date of the customer in London. As a rule, we explain to the customer in the letter of information the way to go to the closest underground station to our office. However, we ask the customer to join us by telephone when he arrives in London to indicate him how to go to the underground station. When the customer is arrived, he calls us and we pick him up personally. It is the first visual contact with the customer. On our way to Manor House station and then back to the office of Studios92 we create a first friendly contact with the customer, asking him about his journey and by answering his questions about the life in London.

Finally the customer arrives in our office and we proceed to the "check-in" which consists in explaining to the customer the house regulations and what he must know about our flat-shares in London.
Bitter "check-in", we bring the customer to the flat. Once arrived, we explain to the customer one last time the rules to live in community in the flat-share so that all the tenants can live in harmony in a healthy environment and share a good experience. Finally, we give the keys to the customer by saying him not to hesitate to contact us if he has any questions concerning the flat-share or the life in London. »

Le Mont Houy Localisation
59326 Valenciennes

To work as an intern in Customer Relationship Management

After a year of studies in the lovely country Italy I had three days to spend with my friends and family in my home country Sweden before the next challenge was about to start in London. In the past I had only spent one weekend partying in London and that was about it. I still had my prejudiced thoughts about the english looks, the language and the manners. The only thing I was prepared for, was the weather and for that I took my best raincoat that I've had in all my expeditions around the countries I've been visiting in the past. I had a lot of expectations about the internship I was about to attend and that I would be surounded by young and talanted people from all over the world, with totally different working backgrounds and cultures.

When I knocked on the door to the office in London that was exactly what I came to. There were a brazilian girl (Leila) opening the door, Italian girl (Olympia) wanted to bring me something to drink, three swedish guys just looking at me with a smile and just started the first conversation as if I had worked there for three years. The biggest interest of mine on this internship is to se and learn how the management works and how people can be engaged to reach the same goals even though they are from all over the world. As soon as I went in through the office door I felt that I had a lot to give and a lot to learn about management.

My first free day from work, I took a sightseeingtour around London by walk, I walked from Liverpoolstreet and down to towerbridge and then along River Themes to the London Eye and that took a whole day, from then I realized how big this city is and offcourse that I loved it. This is the city of my dreams and my future. I love the atmosphere here and the multicultural freedom and that everything is really well organized although there live more than 12 million people in the city, on that tourists around the whole world visiting.

It is an easy city to adapt to, for improving my english language, this is the best choise I've done in my life. The english you speak here in London is the real deal. I live with english people and that makes me use the english language every second and every day, and my central living (Kings Cross) makes it easy to reach the cityheart in no time. My prejudices about the english people weren't correct at all, I think now after living with some and talked with random english people, they are great and I love them! Although the living standards aren't as good as in Sweden, but everything else a swede would need, can be find easily. Or atleast there are three Ikea warehouses around the city, so what more do we need?
It is an easy city to adapt to, for improving my english language, this is the best choise I've done in my life. The english you speak here in London is the real deal. I live with english people and that makes me use the english language every second and every day, and my central living (Kings Cross) makes it easy to reach the cityheart in no time. My prejudices about the english people weren't correct at all, I think now after living with some and talked with random english people, they are great and I love them!
Although the living standards aren't as good as in Sweden, but everything else a Swede would need, can be find here easily. Or atleast there are three Ikea warehouses around the city, so what more do we need?
The local transport system works very well which I already thought it would, and it only takes me 15 minutes to get to our London office from home. The atmosphere in the office is amazing and the people who work here are handpicked, and it is very talanted and openminded people around me every morning I come to work. There are so much to learn every day that I feel like I'm in school, but more funny and more realistic.
This phenomenon is not possible to read in a book or hear on lectures at school. This phenomenon is only experienced and I am experiencing it right now.

School of industrial management
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
SE-100 44 Stockholm

Internship in CRM department - Customer Relationship Management

« I did my internship in London during 6 months in the CRM department and I had a lot of responsibilities. Do you know what CRM stands for? Customer Relationship Management. My tasks as an intern included prospecting new customers, adding partners and building outstanding partner relationships, negotiating prices, representing clients and closing sales.

By working every day with customers and in team, I have been able to gain more confidence and knowledge in sales techniques which I am convinced will help me in the future. Our role is essential for the well-being of the company, this is the reason why this internship in London was so enriching.

As interns, we learn how to built strong relationships with customers as well as with partners, which improves the firm's reputation and makes it famous all around the world. In London, the internship in Customer Relationship Management also compared to Sales can include face-to-face, telephone, chat, email, web and combinations of all means of communication in order to get in touch with the clientele and responds to their needs by finding the suitable accommodation they are looking for in hotels, hostels, apartments, studios, flatshares all around London, the UK, Europe and the world.

As you may know CRM focuses from product to customer by offering the customers what they require and highlighting our competencies to efficiently satisfy them. By providing a better service to customers, the company is able to reduce costs and complaints and we learn how to use CRM properly reducing also staff stress. In fact, the good communication between the employees of a company and customers was very important for the company in London. During my internship in Customer Relationship Management in London, United Kingdom, I focused on what customers need and want in order to produce and deliver the right product at the right time to the customer. I used all my skills and gained experience by working in team, having the responsibility to fulfil customers' needs and as an intern I would say I have been really lucky to do my internship with Ltd in London. »

University of Southampton

A diversify work with this internship in Customer Relationship Management

The three months of internship that I spent in New Romney at Studios92 were one of the most interesting and useful months in my life.
Before arriving here I did not have lots of expectations. As every student I expected to meet new people, explore new cultures, have fun, improve my English. But my experience really exceeded my expectations as I learnt lots of new things and met many interesting people from different countries.
I remember the first day when I arrived. I was a bit stressed as I did not know what I had to expect. But everybody was really friendly, they showed me the house, the office, organised the welcome party and soon I started feeling like at home. I felt like living in a family with people who are always ready to help you. We spent lots of time together in parties, barbecues, trips to various towns and simply talking and enjoying the time.

From the job perspective, I learnt lots of new and useful things. I was working in CRM department all the time and I was never bored with it. Of course, in the beginning it was not easy. I did not know lots of things: how to do, what to do. But there were always people whom I could ask and they were always ready to help me and give advice. I did lots of things from dealing with clients on phone to looking for new partners. I was making reservations on phone, writing emails, creating and designing promotions and dealing with clients in order to create long term relationships and fulfil their needs.

I was also working with our partners to create loyalty, long term satisfaction and keep strong business relations. What I really liked was that we were given lots of responsibilities, we were allowed to take important decisions and always move forward. As a result, I always felt motivated, satisfied and confident. Moreover, as I was interested in marketing, I was also working with marketing people and created web page about internship in my language, did guerilla marketing , designed promotions and did lots of other interesting marketing things. In addition to this, I got trainings on effective and successful communication, management, selling. We always worked in a team and had opportunities to share our experience, knowledge, learn from each other, teach each other and use our strengths to achieve the best performance.

I had a wonderful personal and job experience and I will never regret that I made the decision to take internship in Studios92. It was a great challenge , wonderful time and a very fulfilling way to spend my summer holidays. I will treasure the memories which we spent together forever.

Vilnius University
3 Universiteto St
LT-01513 Vilnius

A multi-national atmosphere, where the experience was priceless!!

An access to the real world with Internship-uk

Hi there!

This internship has definitely been the experience of my life. When I arrived to London 3 months ago I was very excited about this work experience and I had high expectations. Now after finishing my internship I am glad to say that my expectations has been absolutely met.

This was my first time in the unique city of London but not my last time.... I had such a great time here! London is ,if not the most, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the whole world. There are people from all over the world and you can learn from each of it! It is really a great opportunity for your person to view point of views and to take part in such an international community.

After this experience you will feel like a new person becouse indeed you will be a new person with more useful skills for your future. Not to mention the improvement of your english skills! After few months you will be speaking a well english. This fact will enable you to have more opportunites in the job market. This is the best investment you can make, invest in yourself and in your future! It is defintely worthy.

The reasons why I liked so much this intership is because you are given important responsibilities. That means you take an active part in new projects and put your ideas and your knowledge on it. I promise you this is a good feeling when you have been working on a project with other people with success. You feel like a satisfied person. This gives you an extra portion of motivation, confident and security while working as well as out of the office.

The persons who I was working with were all nice people with good potentials. We learned to work in a group and we built a strong realtionship. The nights with my colleagues in London were very amusing too and we experienced a lot of funny things! Take always into account that those people may be very goods contacts in the future as well as good friends, even more important!!

I can only recommend you this internship. I will learn each day new things that can be seen only in the work life. After finishing this internship your human capital would have increased and you will definitely be a better person in different aspects. You will discover new things from yourself! Do you like challengues? Then GO FOR IT!!!!

Heidelberg International Business Academy
Sickingenstraße 63-65
69126 Heidelberg

A multi-national atmosphere, where the experience was priceless!!

I found myself asking what I could do with my Summer that would be both enjoyable and academically rewarding. Many universities in France, Germany and Holland require an internship, and although it is not required in England, it is very much a regular occurrence for young individuals. I decided therefore that a work placement would be an excellent opportunity, and when Internship UK accepted me, I jumped at the chance.

I took this internship for 3 reasons. Firstly as a way to expand my skills in both a nurturing and professional environment. Secondly, for the interaction with foreign students in both a personal and professional atmosphere, and thirdly to test the waters' and see if I liked the challenges of the work.

Nowadays, an internship is essential to climbing to the top of your career ladder. notes how 'employers are coming to expect to see them listed on the resumes of potential employees,' so, the placement for me was not a required option to pass my degree, instead it was a personal choice to work in a professional environment with the hope that it would further my career prospects.

I spent many months researching which career path I wanted to take, and from part-time work in the sales environment within both Orange and T Mobile, I thought that a professional CRM (customer relationship management) career would be an ideal choice. However, I was worried that my background degree in International Relations would negate applications against those from a business based degree. I was also unsure about whether CRM was suited to my needs.

I was pleased that from the minute I entered the role I was given individual targets and I received both the professional and personal support that I needed. The staff made the transition easy, and although I was thrown in at the deep end, they were always willing to offer aid and answer my questions. It seemed that help was always at hand within Internship UK.

There were over 10 different nationalities in the office, and I can now say with confidence, that I can effectively work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. In the competitive multi-national environment the overall experience was priceless. Furthermore, I have made long-term friends from over 10 nationalities.

The placement was unlike several others, as I wasn't lost in a large corporate system. With my placement, I was regularly in contact with the leaders, which helped me to learn and gain invaluable experience. I spent time with them over dinner meetings and company events. For me, Internship UK was the opportunity I required, as I was quickly offered one-on-one management training, and given vital tools that I could carry in my next job. I know that had I chosen to work within a large firm, these opportunities would have been hard to find.

This internship has narrowed down my career options quite considerably. I was previously uncertain about my career paths, but I have found a new passion in working with people from different backgrounds. Work was always interesting, and challenging, but equally rewarding, and I know that I want to work for a global firm in the future. I fully believe that practical learning is the best option for gaining the relevant skills. I would therefore strongly recommend to all students to try a work placement for expanding both your personal and professional skills. The ability to excel is down to your personal drive and not on a measured scale. If you have a positive mentality to deal with new challenges on a daily basis, coupled with a goal to succeed in a team environment, then an internship is for you.

University of Leeds
Leeds - LS2 9JT