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Internship Program

internship ukOur Internship-UK programs are specifically designed for students and graduates to gain hands on experience in their desired field. Our interns will receive a personal mentor that will guide them through the learning process. As an interne, you will have the opportunity to prove yourself in a real business environment, in several departments.

Check out the different departments Internship UK offers below:

What will be the timetable of my Internship ?

As an intern, you will have the benefit to choose your own schedule. Our internship programmes are very flexible. This allows you to divide your day the way you want to.

Many schedules are possible from Monday to Sunday :

8am - 5pm
9am - 6pm
8am - 12am / 5pm - 9pm in the London office
8am - 12am / 6pm - 10pm in the New Romney office
12am - 9pm in the London office

1pm - 10pm in the New Romney office

You will work on different projects, depending from the department you have choosen. As an intern you will receive a spcific project, in which you will have the chance to develop and improve your knowledge and skills as well as your international expectancies.
Internship UK offers work placements throughout the year and you can choose the start and end date of your internship the way you want. The duration of our internship programmes is from one month to one year.

How to apply for on of our internships ?

student internshipsWould you be interested in doing an internship in one of our departments such as marketing, sales or IT? Do not hesitate to apply online or to contact us for any further informations.
When we received your application we will contact you via e-mail or phone.

Internship UK offers numerous internships to help you improve yours skills in a working environment. Also, you will be living in an extremely dynamic and pleasant atmosphere in London and in New Romney.

Apply Now for an internship with us !


student internships Marketing internship:
Interns develop and improve their knowledge in international marketing, eMarketing and viral marketing. Promote our companies through the usage of various medias and the develop partnerships with several companies. Marketing Internships also include tasks and projects involving Advertising and Public Relations.

More information about an internship in our Marketing department.

Public Relations

student internshipsPublic Relations internship:
In our new Pblic Relations department, you will use your creativity to come up with effective and original ways to improve our image towards our clients. This internship will provide you with profound knowledge in Public Relations and will be a major plus on your CV.

More information about an internship in Public Relations.

Human Resources

student internships Human Resources internship:
Our Human Resource Management department plays its role as the foundation to keeping the work flow within the company. The HR team responsible for the administrative organization of all personnel including past and present as well as the resource planning for the future. Our team is responsible for all personnel functions including employee performance, staff relations in and out of office, as well as resource planning.

More information about a Human Resources internschip.


student internships Web Design:
By completing an internship in our IT department you will be entirely involved in the maintenance of our partners’ websites as well as structuring and improving our companies websites.

More information about an internship in web design.

student internships Web Development:
Many interns within our IT department are constantly developing web based applications for the company Intranet and for online use as well.

More information about an internship in web development.

Business Administration

student internships Accounting and Finance:
Interns in the accountancy and finance department are responsible for the financial reports of our company. Working in a team, you will handle all sorts of accounting, including payment and other financial aspects.

More information about an internship in accounting and finance.

student internships Sales internship:
In the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales department, your trainee job will involve selling products (Hotelrooms, rooms in hostels and flatshares...). Not only will you be dealing with customer relationships, you will also maintain partnerships with over 2000 companies worldwide.

More information about an internship in customer relationship management and sales.

student internships Advertising and Copywriting:
If you have a creative mind and you can come up with eye-catching ideas, then the advertising and copywriting department is just the thing for you. You will create advertisements and assure that they are copyright protected and that they reach the client and the target audience in the most effective way.

More information about an internship in advertising and copywriting.


student internships Event Management:
As an Event Manager, you will be in charge of creating, developing, and implementing several projects and events. Event Management involves identifying your target audience, devising an event concept, planning and organizing all other technical aspects of the event. At Internship UK, we offer two types of Event Management programs: Event Management (External) and Event Management (Internal).

More information about an internship in event management.

student internships Project Management:
During your project management internship of six months or longer, you will be planning projects from start to finish. As an intern in project management you will be continuously evaluating the progress of these projects and report directly to the project manager.

More information about an internship in project management.

student internships Property Management:
With our Property Management internship, you will be representing our company in our residential real estate operations in London. Our Property Management department plays an important role in the communication between landlords and customers concerning our flat share, studio, and apartment properties.

More information about an internship in property management.

Other internship programs

student internships Media Internship:
Utilize advertising tools to produce media that targets customers and partners. By using creative vision and innovative thinking, you will be able to create strong pieces of work for commercial use. here at internsthip uk we have several media internships available.

More information about a Media internship.

hotel catering internships Hotel Catering:
This department has a very important role. As an intern in hotel catering, you will provide regular culinary services for the interns and guests in the hotel. This will give you the chance to meet a lot of people from different cultures as well as native speakers.

More information about an internship in Hotel Catering.

student internships Business development:
As an intern in Business development you will build up long-term relations with our current customers and future clients. You will acquire the skills and have the opportunity to manage and support our marketing and sales department.

More information about an internship in Business development.