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Media Testimonies

Media Intership« Hi! I'm Elina and I am a student. I follow a course in the second year of Movie Master and Broadcasting / realization and Creation at the University of Helsinki. I had to do an Internship during the summer to have a work experience and I chose to do it abroad, in the UK. What I prefer in my audiovisual internship in London are the several media tasks that I have to do : Video editing, creation of clip video, report video, sound system / music, shooting of film, special effects, realization of web site, photography, graphics, design etc. so many possibilities! I am implied since the creation, the conception of the project until the finalization of the media project.

For every media or photographic project, we associated our ideas during group meetings or brainstormings, this is so useful because each one makes its contribution for every project that we are lucky to be part during our internship in London. Working in a team with the other trainees was the most difficult task given that I needed all my colleagues who were more or less busy in the sales department, the marketing department and the IT department. My colleagues of the Marketing service brought very interesting ideas for the conception of media projects for the company during my internship in London and I thank them for this.

During my audiovisual internship in London in the company Studios92 located in the center of London, I had the opportunity to do photography. As a trainee I was responsible for all the media projects concerning the several Web sites of the company; I had to take pictures for the realization of web sites for the company of London. The company possesses a multitude of web sites with different domains, consequently the projects are interesting and the ideas are new.

Concerning the broadcasting during the internship, I learned how to adapt myself to the organization of the company and to impose my ideas, my conception of the several media projects and to lead my team to realize short films or interesting films. The production of video during the internship contained the planning of the media project, the writing of the scenario, the video shooting and all the computing work on computer to shape everything and finalize the media project.

My audiovisual internship in the company Studios92 in London was very beneficial and gratifying because I was able to put into practice my knowledge, my creativity and my ideas. The idea of the challenge during my internship in London pleased me a lot because I was free to set up the conception of the projects within the company. Thanks to this internship I really had the luck to realize my projects in my way and to learn with the practice. I really liked my work experience in London in the company Ltd because I learned to be flexible and to work in a team. My internship in this company in London will be very useful for my coming work as an assistant of films production. »

Elina Hasari
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
Pääskysentie 1
PL 9, 48401, Kotka