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Marketing Internship

Marketing Jobs & Internships What is our target?
Who are our customers?
How old are they?
Where do they come from?
What do they need?
What can we offer?
How can they find out about us?

Our Marketing team deals with these questions every day in order to promote and enhance our business. The Internet is the perfect means to get our message across to potential customers as it is accessible to everyone all over the world.

During your internship in the marketing field you will need to analyse and improve our current services and partnerships. Widening our communication network is also a key task which you will have to deal with.

You will be provided with conceptual understanding of marketing concepts while being given the freedom and opportunity to contribute your ideas to our team. Our team uses a wide range of marketing techniques while dealing with a great variety of responsibilities including promotion, improving the structure and contents of our websites as well as developing and maintaining customer and partner relations.

The main tasks are to recruit efficient new interns through universities, to develop promotional programs with our partners, to advertise, improve the content and design of our Internet web sites, optimise these web sites in Google search engine.

Join our team and help us create innovative means of marketing and gain confidence in presenting and delivering personal and collective ideas. As our company is internet based, we also provide a unique opportunity for you to improve your IT knowledge to make you more competitive on the job market in the future.

It is absolutely imperative to the success of our organization that our Marketing department is extremely organized and well trained with regards to the following fields:

  • Improvement of services (product, price, promotion, placement)
  • Attract new customers & develop loyalty with current and previous customers
  • Analyse and improve partnerships
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Create, improve, and translate websites
  • Web Design
  • Develop partnerships with companies and institutions

Apply now for a Marketing Internship in one of our office in New Romney.

For more informations regarding our internship program, feel free to contact us.

A personal and professional experience to live

Marketing Jobs & Internships
« My internship in Ltd was very rewarding professionally and personally speaking. I have been promoted supervisor of the marketing projects after only 3 weeks of internship. The main goal of my work was to optimize the number of hits on the existing websites in order to increase the impact and the popularity of the company among potential customers. I also translated several websites in French and Spanish, and I have had a lot of interest in learning how to manage a team. »

Bastien, 23, Valenciennes. Internship in Marketing, UK.

A perfect internship to test your knolegdes and to gain new skills

Marketing Jobs & Internships
« Doing an internship in Marketing in a British company and working with a great and multicultural team was for me a real chance! I learned a lot about the different Marketing concepts and practices during my internship. Moreover, this experience enriched me personally, I met lots of very nice persons and I keep great souvenirs of my training. »

Marie, 22, Paris. Internship in Marketing, UK.

Learning to live together during my internship

« This internship met my expectations and I achieved more than I expected. It was really interesting to have a lot of different tasks and I learned a lot by working and living together with other people from different countries. The only thing I would like to have improved more is my english language. It would be good to have the chance to attend English courses. I learned also a lot of my own personality and I improved myself. I would recommend this internship program - in general I would recommend to go abroad and here you have the bonus of many different cultures. »

Claudia, 24, Berlin. Internship in Sales and Maketing, UK.