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Human Resource Management Jobs & Internships

hr human resources internship

Our Human Resource Management department plays its role as the foundation to keeping the work flow within the company. The HR team responsible for the administrative organization of all personnel including past and present as well as the resource planning for the future. Our team is responsible for all personnel functions including employee performance, staff relations in and out of office, as well as resource planning. The HR team is also the first in contact for various major universities and partnering companies throughout the UK, Europe, and throughout the world as a recruitment resource organization.

hr human resources internship Human Resources interns have a variation of tasks and responsibilities to uphold on a day to day basis. The main task of a Human Resources intern is to recruit exceptionally talented employees and interns that prove to be benificial into our companies. An intern has to take into account of current staff and the need for new and future staff.

Among other responsibilities is to manage the current staff such as employee performance, promotions, and internal staff relations. It is critical to the success of the company to ensure that the staff are working effectively and efficiently while maintaining a positive work atmosphere. Another important responsibility is to maintain contacts with major universities and companies across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world to provide quality and rewarding internships in the UK to their students.

It is imperative to the success of our organisation that our Human Resource Management department is extremely organised and well trained with regards to the following fields:

  • Manage recruitment process
  • Review & process applications
  • Selection Process
  • Conducting of interviews over the phone & face to face
  • Manage & control HRM databases
  • Develop & maintain HR procedures, documents, and policies
  • Process school contracts, paperwork, and certificates
  • Management of incoming and present staff
  • Resolve problems and issues within staff
  • Maintain relationships with institutions and partner

An internship in the Human Resource Management Department is a great way to gain international work experience in the recruitment of applicants from all different cultures and backgrounds. With international work experience, it will give you a positive edge for success in your future career. Many of our former interns have gone off to obtaining jobs in Greater London and their native countries.

Apply now for an internship in Human Resources in our UK office. For more informations regarding our internship program, feel free to contact us

An internship abroad is the best way to improve yourself

hr human resources internship « My name is Lara, I am 32 years old and I have a 5-year long professional experience in the Human Resources field. It is a real opportunity for me to work in a field in which I am proficient, even more in the city of London. I have the ability to improve my English level and enrich my professional vocabulary at the same time, and in the meanwhile dealing with a lot of responsibilities every day help me improve my skills and competences. »

Lara, 32, France. Internship in Human Resources, London, UK.