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Customer Relationship Management (Sales) Internship

The goal of our Customer Relationship Management team is to maxmize our turnover through facilitating sales while simultaneously building and maintaining oustanding customer and partner relations leading to repeat sales and sales of related products.

customer relationship internships

During an internship in the CRM department, interns will constantly deal with customers from all over the world. Consequently, the constant communication and negotiation with customers and partners from different backgrounds cultures, will develop skills that can be carried on to future work and non-work related areas.

Depending on your sales skills and efforts during your Customer Relationship Management internship you will be given more and more responsibilities. This allows for the development of management skills and the ability for individual progression that can be used towards your future as well.

Our CRM department represent us in our communications with customers and partners. It is absolutely imperative to the success of our organization that our CRM department is extremely organized and well trained with regards to the following fields:

  • Facilitating online and phone reservations
  • Sims bookings
  • Customer care
  • Customer follow-up
  • Up-selling
  • Partner Relations
  • Adding new partner companies
  • Updating allocations and prices
  • Negotiating prices and service packages with customers and partner companies
  • PR and Guerilla Marketing through the use of press releases, forums etc...
  • Inventory and Allocation acquisition and management

Apply now for an internship in Customer Relationship Management in one of our office in New Romney.

For more information regarding our internship program, feel free to contact us.

A Complete & Concrete Experience

customer relationship internships« During my internship in Sales at Studios92.com Ltd, I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). I was dealing with enquiries by phone, via the internet and through appointments. My main task during the internship was to satisfy customers' needs by offering them the best suitable accommodation. This 3 month-internship offered me the perfect training in Sales and After-sales services. »

Lea, 22, Paris. Internship in Sales, UK

An internship to learn both on the marketing and the human level.


My choice for an internship had always as main objectives to improve my level of english and acquire new methodologies and knowledge in the area of marketing. As such, this internship was very gratifying, I found a company with a multi-cultural team, with different approaches in the area of marketing and technology that allow me to develop new knowledges very important for my future career.

The discipline, flexibility, responsibility and team spirit were characteristics that I learned to develop throughout my marketing internship. Also, working on a new market, very competitive and sophisticated, specialically in the area that I was acting able me to improve my skills in marketing and communications skills. In turn, the need to solve daily problems with immediate and right solutions made me a more pragmatic and focused on the information that is really useful.

Moreover, the friendly and dynamic working environment with people from around the world had made my internship a really good personal experience. The contact with different cultures helped me to learn more about me, my limitations, defects and qualities always different from person to person.This experience was as a learning daily. In fact I had to divide my apartment with people of other nationalities, with different personalities, different habits and routines as was a real test for me, I could learned to be more tolerant and patient in my personal relationships with my colleagues.

Another important point was that my stay has become a big advantage for me, I am an active and curious person who loves travel, since living is like being at the centre of europe, the trips are so cheap that my weekends was always busy and fun. This internship also allowed me to have some time to know a little better the city. Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Soho, Camden Town, among many other places and areas of interest that makes a real European capital.

Of course, not everything was easy for those by foreign adventure. The language difficulties and, of course, the miss from home were many. However, it was an enriching experience, where I learned a lot, I was able to consolidate my knowledge and put them into practice, a better overview of the world of work, the broad objectives of the company, I developed my sense of responsibility and realised the demands of the labour market. It was a very positive experience, interesting and revealing, exceeded all my expectations. All my fears and apprehensions that had regarding this internship quickly disappeared, because my adaptation to the environment was swift, which in some ways was due to friendly environment in which the company operates.

I thank all the people who made this internship an experience to remember for all my life!

Universidade Católica portuguesa
Centro Regional do Porto - Pólo da Foz
Rua Diogo Botelho 1327, 4169 - 005 Porto

An Amazing Opportunity

customer relationship internships« During my internship at Studios92 Ltd, I had the chance to work in the Sales department. Indeed, I was able to improve and develop my technical skills in Sales by using for instance the CASHIN concept. Doing Sales is really challenging for me as I have to deal with all kinds of customers calling from different countries and having different backgrounds. Therefore, I have to adapt to each situation and the company enabled me to gain the necessary skills to achieve my goals. »

Nicolas, 24, Rennes. Internship in Sales, UK.

My Internship at Studios92.

customer relationship internships
« The 4-month Internship I did at Studios92.com Ltd was very rewarding and I will never forget it. I learned a lot of things in the field of Sales and also the different strategies to develop regarding the Customer Relationship Management. Studios92 enabled me to acquire a professional experience in an international environment, thanks to its diversified clientele and staff and on top of that a great time in the UK.»

Oriane, 20, Geneva. Internship, UK.

Studios92 : The best internship I've ever done!

My name is Tobias and I am from Holland. I was for 3 months in New Romney and had a great time here dealing with CRM (customer relationship management). I learned a lot, gain much experience and out of office hours I was able to know a lot of nice people.

After 3 months I came back to New Romney because I think I can learn much more in this company. The reason why I learnt so much is because you will handle a lot of responsibilities. Besides, my communication skill have been improved, I had to deal with customers on the phone, I spoke with people from all over the world. You learn how to speak to people to make them like you so that they will buy from you. Afterwards, you feel very good when you sell something and when you satisfy the customer needs.

Moreover, a such great experience allows me to improve my english a lot by working but also by speaking to my colleagues, living in England or just by watching movies in my flatshare with my friends Stephanie, Thibaut and Alexandre for instance.

It is an experience I will never forget and I advise it to everyone.


Responsibilities of my Internship

« This internship met my expectations in sales, I was assigned a lot of real responsabilities, which is not the case in some other internships. This internship offers a great experience in sales as I was dealing with customers and partners everyday with different means of communication (e-mail, phone and face-to-face). The communication with customer on the phone was very educating, especially for sales communication and english comprehension. This internship exceeded my expectations because I had the opportunity to work in two different offices. I have had two different experiences of work and responsabilities. I learned a lot about the accommodation sector and flat-share properties, which was very interesting because I had never worked in this sector before. The face-to-face appointments with customers were also very educating and interesting because I learned how to deal with complaints and problems with for example, payment which are an important part of the work in the Sales department of every company. »

Camille, 22, France. Internship in Sales and Maketing, New Romney, UK.

Not Just Work but Good Times Too!

« During my internship at Studios92.com Ltd I was not only involved in a lot of projects, I also had real responsibilities. Above all I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere I found there. The staff was young and dynamic and we had good times together: we went to the clubs, had lots of parties and enjoyed many of the famous events! »

Marion, 23, Marseille. Internship in Sales, UK.