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Internship UK Application Process

Whether you are an undergraduate student or graduate student, have work experience or not, we are always looking for student interns who have the willingness to contribute to Internship UK's progressing growth.

Applications to Internship-UK are on a rolling basis. You will be able to apply to the internship at any time of the year. Whether you are looking to fulfill a productive gap year or a summer internship in London or New Romney, Kent, we are always accepting applications for all lengths of time.

If you meet the criteria we are looking for, please take thirty to sixty minutes to complete our online application. If you do not finish the application in one sitting, feel free to save and complete later at our Internship-UK site. Due to our large numbers of internship applicants, our application is designed to help us find an adequate intern. You never know if that student intern is you! Please email us if you wish to submit your Resume or CV or have any questions.

Internship UK Application Step by Step

Step 1: Apply online at Internship-UK by completing the 45 question internship application form online. The application should take about an hour to fill. In the case that you do not have enough time to complete it, you can always save your answers, and return back to your application later by re-entering your email address. Please be sure to include a photo as well as note work permit details in your application.

Step 2: After completion of your Internship-UK application is successful we will respond to you within 24 hours with the status of your application.*

Step 3: If the application is successful, you will receive an interview request through email or telephone. The interview process involves three interviews with our HR staff and manager, Dino Johnson.

Step 4: After completion of all interviews, applicants will receive notice of the final status of the application within 24 hours. If the interview process is successful, the student will be accepted into our unique Internship-UK programmes.

Step 5: After acceptance, the intern will receive further details and instructions from the HR Team.

* Applicants who send in their Resume or CV to the HR Team will receive Priority Fast Track Recruitment.

For useful tips in the UK, take a look at our UK Work Guide. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.