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Accounting Internship

Accounting Jobs

Our Accounting & Finance department is responsible for our company's financial reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual accounting including payments, invoices and tax issues.

Your accountancy tasks will provide you with a good knowledge about UK taxes and VAT regulations, while handling daily invoices, receipts and bank reconciliations. Furthermore you will prepare cash flow forecasts and provide statistical data of profits and losses to the management.

This approach on accountancy will involve high responsibilities and very accurate work from your part. Therefore we welcome interns who are 100% accurate in dealing with money calculations and who have conceptual understanding of international accounting. We also appreciate prior work experience in accountancy and an economical university background for this challenging task.

It is imperative to the success of our organisation that our Accounting and Finance department is extremely organised and well trained with regards to the following fields:

  • Sales Reports
  • Recording of expenses & income
  • Daily invoices, receipts, and bank reconciliation
  • Prepare cash flow forecasts
  • Process accounts transactions
  • Analyse statistical data
  • British VAT & legal regulations
  • Evaluate weekly performance

Apply now for an internship in Accounting in our head office in New Romney.

For more informations regarding our internship program, feel free to contact us

"My Accounting Internship Offered Me Great Opportunities"

« During my internship I dealt with the company's accounts and learned a lot about British accountancy regulations by working independently. I met a lot of young people from all over Europe and we had lots of fun together. Furthermore I had the possibility to choose whether I wanted to work in the morning or in the evening, so I could plan my spare time activities accordingly. »

Marie (Accounts -,), 20, France