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My internship in HR was an amazing human experience

«My 6-month training course at Ltd in the Human Resources department was for me a very enriching experience and a springboard for my future.

In England, I had the opportunity to have a lot of responsibilities because the Anglo-Saxon system advocates the confidence in his trainees' work.

My numerous responsibilities within the company Ltd, allowed me to have a real outline on well-made tasks. I was really able to improve my skills in the field of Human Resources.

My training period at Internship-uk was thus complete and flexible because I was able as well to take charge of the recruitment by phone interviews with persons of any nationalities that of the management of the life in the London office. I was thus able to improve my English very easily and to trust more my capacities to communicate with people from different horizons during my internship.

As a trainee in London I also had the luck to have contact with various universities worldwide and I really increased my skills in the field of the recruitment.

This training course is the best professional and personal experience of my life, I met fabulous people both at work and in London. The life in London was fantastic and I shall keep immortal memories of this training course in London with Ltd during the summer.»

Human Resources Department

"I decide to do this internship and boost my CV"

Hello! I am Leila, from Brazil and I am completing a 3 month internship at I have been living in London for nearly 4 years and the strong competitive in the market made me realise how important is the experience in an international company in order to get a good job in the future. For that reason I decide to do this internship and boost my CV for my future career.

I am student of Business Management course, with high interest in human resources area. Therefore , after 1 year of University I decide to do an internship in HR department and I am very pleased to be accepted by Within this company I was able to put in practice the knowledge I acquire with my studies plus the previous work experience I had.

Different from common internship, the provide me the great opportunity to have real responsibilities which made me grow so much faster than sit down and watch professionals working. Once you have the target to meet and responsibilities on your back, the challenge was really big, but the results were gratifying.

Furthermore, working in an international environment, with people from different countries, different cultures, made me improve my personality so much once we could share so many ideas and also experience. Put into practice my English was also a big point to say, once I was speaking English all the time with the staff and future candidates. The improvement is so obvious that nowadays I am not thinking in Portuguese, my mother tong, but in English!

Working in the HR department, I was responsible for all the stages of recruiting people and also the stages after recruitment, which is taking care of the well being and productivity of the staff. I manage to do interviews face to face and over the phone, and I was able to learn so much from each of them.

As I said before, I had a lot of responsibilities on my back but I had a great time to support me. I was always in contact with great professionals and interns who were always able to help me and teach me whenever I needed it.

I am pleased to say that I learn so much and I believe I am now in advance compared to my university colleagues, as I will be able to match my experience and academic knowledge to do my assignments/exams and maybe come with a different point of view, in a more practical way. So, I am not only sure about how this internship will help me to build my future career but also to complete my studies with success.

I am pretty sure that my decision to have work experience in London was the best to be made, because no matter where I will go in my future, I know it will be well recognized in any country. Also, I made so many friendships now, that I have friends all over Europe, and I would like to maintain forever.

Human Resources Department

New Experience in Human Resources

Hi! My name is Veronika and I have decided for an internship in HR. Why this decision? I have a simple answer for that. I'm finishing my bachelor studies next year but I have no experience in my field. I wanted to have a more clear idea about what to choose as my major on ma future MA studies and also to gain some idea “how does it work in reality”. And why in London? London is a challenge for everybody. I wanted to improve my English, meet new people, experience the life in such a big city.

It was the best choice I have ever done. This internship taught me more then I expected. Not only in HR field, but it also developed my personality. At a university everybody is on his own. You study for yourself, do exams for yourself, the responsibility is only on yourself. Here I realized that whatever I do, I am responsible not only for my work but also for the whole team. I learned how to organize my work, how to deal with variety of situations and I improved my communication skills and English of course.

As an HR, I learned here more then during my whole studies. Evaluating application forms and interviews, wheather over the phone or face to face, and the most difficult thing- taking decisions. All of this helped me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice and realize what from my knowledge is important and useful and what is not. I gained much more confidence in communication with people and I learned that in English. I had also some duties and responsibilities in our office. Integration of new interns, keeping the motivation of the team as high s possible and organizing their working time. I learned to solve unexpected situations and that's experience which you really cannot gain at University.

I had a great time here. I got to know a lot of interesting and really clever people from all over the world. People from different countries and cultures from different universities with their own approaches to work and new ideas. What we have in common is the motivation to learn more and more and to exchange our ideas. We created really positive and friendly athmosphere in the office and the team anybody would wish to work in.

Living in London was also amazing experience for me. London is big, it's multicultural and full of really interesting people and opportunities. It's hard to describe it, you just have to come and see it. You can come for a weekend and see Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Soho, Camden Town but you need to live here for at least couple of months to get the spirit of this city. And I simply fall in love with it.

As I said before. This internship was the best choice ever. I learned a lot, made new friends and I hope to start my career in London after finishing my University. In addition, now I'm sure that HR is really what I want to do in my future. I become much more responsible and organized person. I learned how to communicate with people and I became much more confident. And maybe the most important thing I learned here is that with positive attitude and hard work you can achieve everything you want.

Thank you for this opportunity. It was fantastic experience for me.

Human Resources Department
Žerotínovo nám. 9, 601 77 Brno
Czech Republic

Human Resources Intrnship - A Great Work Experience Oportunity

Human Resources LondonHaving been an active member in the team managing the Human Resources department with Ltd was a wonderful experience for me. As an intern for 3 months I had the opportunity to have my own insight of the possibilities that an internship in England offers.

We can't really compare an Internship in England and one in France. I have to say that it was the best experience I could ever have had to learn that much about the main aspects of Human Resources. And not only about Human Resources but I also learnt a lot about England.

During this Internship in Human Resources, I had the chance to handle a lot of different responsibilities, to deal with internal (staff management, organisation of the office, promotions, shiftlists) and external (recruitment) HR, to manage my own team with people from different educational backgrounds and nationalities.

Working with all this people, doing interviews, personal meetings and brainstorming improved a lot my communication skills and my ability to speak foreign languages (obviously english but also to consolidate my basics in Italian and German).

The relations with the team in London were also very enriching. Visiting them to work with them and to enjoy spare time together in the beautiful city of London was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed both, the time I spent working and the time I spent with my colleagues, that are now more my friends than just colleagues.

This is not only a training period in my life, this is a great life experience!

If I had to do it again I would surely apply with Internship-uk. The HR team is always happy to deal with new motivated applicants and I would be the most motivated one!

Caroline LALLART
Human Resources Department
IAE Caen
3, rue Claude Bloch
BP 5160 - 14075 CAEN cedex