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UK Jobs: Internships                Internship London UKInternship London UKInternship London UKInternship London UKInternship London UK

Internship internship      Internship-Uk Online Training Program

Work in UK Are you looking for an internship with a dynamically growing international company in the United Kingdom? Want to experience a new and exciting adventure abroad while gaining hands on work experience?

Welcome to Internship UK, a dynamically growing international company that allows students to work and live abroad in the UK. Internship UK offers a variety of rewarding internships all throughout the United Kingdom. This page is specialized especially for students coming from across seas from the countries of the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Read more about out unique internship programs in London and the UK below. Be sure to check out our UK Work Guide to find out more about working in UK, work permits, living in the UK, and traveling in the UK. Our UK Work Guide is a great source of information for the citizens of USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland and South Africa who would like to apply to an internship in the UK.

About Internship UK

Work in UK We are a company dedicated to providing productive and enjoyable work experiences for students from all over the world. Our goal is to help our interns apply their knowledge from university to the work place, while simultaneously acquiring new skills. We invest a large amount of time and care into our interns so that they can gain rewarding work experience abroad in the UK. Our company offers numerous internships for students, graduates and others who are interested in gaining work experience in a multicultural environment.

Our two offices of London and New Romney provides internships to UK students and international students who are looking to improve their business skills and enhance their careers abroad in the UK. At Internship UK, we offer young and talented students with a work experience in a challenging business environment in one of our affiliated companies as well as partnering companies.

UK Job Descriptions, Internship Programs

Work in UK At Internship UK we offer a variety of internship departments that our interns can choose from depending on their area of interest and knowledge. Our internship programs are designed for students to apply theory to practical work experience. At our offices, interns will be able to receive guided learning directly from the CEO and department Managers.

Not only will interns be able to learn about their specified department but also a bit about other departments as well. This allows for interns to gain skills, qualities, and a well rounded knowledge of business and management in everyday life. The internship is designed to provide as much work exposure to students to get them ready for their future careers.

You will be able to apply to Internship-UK in the following UK job departments:

* Note that the location of the internship is sometimes dependent on department of interest.

Internship UK Work Atmosphere

Work in UK As an intern you will be working with other international students from all over the world in a friendly and Positive Mental Attitude atmosphere. This internship program is an opportunity to expand your horizons as well as gain work experience in a UK job in London or New Romney. It will provide an insight into international business as well as foreign cultures and languages. Our diverse work atmosphere allows student interns and management alike to collaborate creative ideas and apply them to the work place.

Internship UK provides unpaid student internships, as well as student housing and accommodation. Our unpaid internship students have the opportunity to gain some form of compensation depending on privacy policythe productivity of your work in our challenging business environment at Internship UK. Internships for students provide hands on work experience in international business at our internships in London and New Romney.

Internship UK Application Process

Work in UK Whether you are an undergraduate student or graduate student, have work experience or none at all, we are always looking for student interns who have the willingness to contribute to the international company's progressing growth.

Applications to Internship-UK are on a rolling basis. You will be able to apply to the internship at any time of the year. Whether you are looking to fulfill a productive gap year, a summer internship, or work experience in London or New Romney, we are always welcoming applications for all lengths of time.

You will need to upload your photo onto the application. We require our interns to already have a work permit in order to have your application processed. You can find details of how to obtain a permit on the UK Work Guide. If your completed application is successful, you will be contacted within a matter of a few days. From there you will be asked to complete three phone interviews. If your interview process has gone well you will be sent an Acceptance letter that needs to be signed and returned along with proper identification.

Internship UK Key Notes

By working at Internship-UK in London or in New Romney, you will experience the time of your life in the exciting UK. An internship abroad in London will look great on your resume and open doors to new opportunities. Not only will you gain hands on experience in international business by exploring the foundations of a company, finding what attracts customers, and assisting them in their wants and needs, but also gain friends from all over the world and be able to travel through Europe. After you apply and submit your UK job application, check out a few tips on the process of working in the UK at UK Work Guide.

  • Intern Positions: Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing and Sales
  • Application Deadline: Rolling Basis
  • Length of Internship: Flexible
  • Work Day: 40 hours per week
  • Compensation: College Credit; Unpaid, Sponsorship of Accommodation & Food w/ 6 month contract
  • Interview Process: Three phone interviews with the HR Team and the CEO Dino Johnson
    * Include a photo as well as a note of work permit details

Take control of your life and start your adventures now by applying to Internship UK!

If you are continuing your job or internship search in London and the UK, you can check out the Internship Companies for more companies, UK Work Guide for UK visa details and useful tips in the UK, as well Aansoek Job Search.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.